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The Master Cat Redux - story notes

The Master Cat Redux was the first story I ever planned to write for SSBB; but things didn't quite fall into place until two stories later. I think my main impetus for finally writing this is that Henry is also a CIA agent. This happened mostly because I wanted to write a ridonkulous spy/action thing with a Korean-American analog to James Bond... with a cat who is also a human. So this is exactly that, complete with multiple Macguffins and action sequences.

I have all the gratitude and love for beili, who was 100% on board with this ridiculous thing from day 1 and without whom this would not be completed. It was a joy collaborating with her and I'm immensely grateful for all the inspiration she's given me, both in terms of suggestions and encouragement and also ALL THE VISUAL REFERENCES. <33333 I'm just delighted she likes this, ok. :) And then she drew absolutely the loveliest art for this story, which just blew my mind all over again. Thank you and I am so grateful to have gotten to work with you again!

And of course I am forever grateful to C, for all the encouragement and troubleshooting and making sure no typos or silly mistakes get through. We talked about this once, maybe more than a year ago, back when Henry was to be an investment banker and I wasn't sure this or anything else would get written. <3333333 C you're the best.
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